new life.

I turned 22 on April 2nd, but my birthday dinner was Saturday, March 31st. Afterwards I came home and took this picture. (My hair is naturally curly like in the picture I posted before; it was straight for my party because my mother asked me to.)

I look a mess; I was exhausted, my makeup was everywhere, and I had just barely managed to put on my PJs. But I took my camera and took this anyway.


I’ve had a lot of issues over the years. I just graduated college in December and managed to find work almost immediately in January, but it was really lucky I did. I’m beginning to pay off my student debt months before I’m actually required to, and I’m saving money for graduate school and an apartment.

It’s time I faced my demons, I think.

One of the things I hate most are pictures of me — or, rather, I always wish there were more pictures of me, but once I get in front of a camera, I turn shy and sheepish and it doesn’t come out right. I get ashamed of wanting pictures of myself, it makes me feel like I’m a bad person for even wanting to raise my (honestly, really low) self-esteem.

So here I am. Let’s fix this.


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