boy style

First outfit pictures! I’m excited. <3

I’m also two feet tall, I guess.

I took these with Arabelle today!

We were supposed to go to hanami (when you go hang out in the park because the cherry blossoms are blooming), but that didn’t happen due to a number of reasons, so instead we played in a park near her house.

My personal style is rather all over the place. I really like urban, funky, “edgy” (I hate that word) styles, but I’m also really into Japanese fashion, especially lolita. Lolita’s pretty expensive so I don’t have as much of that as I’d like, but I have a few pieces.

The shirt is Atelier Pierrot, a Victorian Lolita brand, and is quite possibly the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. I like to refer to it (and another ruffly shirt I have, though that one is lace) as my David Bowie Labyrinth moments.

The pants were ¥800 in a sketchy ass booth-store-thing in the bowels of the Sakae train station in Nagoya.

The lack of height came free.

I also got some OCC lip tars today, so I’ll swatch them and make a post about them later. Hopefully my allergies lighten up because I WAS going to take the pictures today, but coming home from the park made me feel like death so instead I accidentally took a 30 minute nap. Whoops.


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