fabulous photography

Everyone, look! I am the queen of really terrible pictures.

So my camera, right? I made the mistake of getting one where I can’t preview the shot before I click, which makes taking pictures of myself really difficult. Also, I have very short arms due to being a tiny person. Have no fear, though! I have ordered a tripod!!

But I was really excited to test out the three lip tars I got, so just suffer through these bad pictures, okay? I’ll take more, with and without flash, and in better light once the tripod comes in. Thanks for being patient~ <3

From left to right: OCC Traffic, OCC Chlorophyll, OCC RX

I was really excited for these. I rarely do lip colors, because I really love playing with eyeshadow, but the colors OCC offers in lip tars knocked me into the deep end of lip color. Because I wasn’t broke enough, I guess.

First I tried out RX when I was with Arabelle:

We’re hot.

But here it is in the same light I took the other two today:

Here is Chlorophyll:

And Traffic:


To be honest, I had a LOT of trouble with Traffic. A lot more than I had with either of the other two colors. I used a LOT of product and ended up reapplying three times. I don’t know if it’s because I have dark lips and thus need to start with a base (I will try that next time) for it to show up in its proper brightness? We’ll see. Yellow is generally a bad color for me because it blends right into my skin, which is a sad thing, because I am on the hunt for the perfect bright yellow eyeshadow. :(

I really like Chlorophyll and RX. They’re definitely my go-to fun lip colors for now. The only problem I have with the OCC formula is that it goes everywhere because it’s so loose. Once it dries it’s okay, but until then you sort of have to watch it (and your teeth.)

I have more posts ready to be written for you all! Involving new shoes, and random stuff in my room. Also, possibly my handwriting in different languages, WE SHALL SEE.

Seriously though, look at that color. Perfection.


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