i’m a huge nerd and proud of it

There is a lot you don’t know about me yet, huh?
I decided to go around and take a few pictures of random stuff a) to play with my camera and b) to show you the sort of things I like!

I read, speak, and write Japanese at a conversational level. Here are a few of my Japanese-language magazines.
(There’s a distinct reason to why I own these particular volumes, by the way, I don’t subscribe to any. The answer is either 嵐 or SHINee. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a gigantic J and K-pop fangirl.)

(If you’re wondering, AnAn and +act are my favorite Japanese magazines for celebrity photoshoots. For fashion, I like non-no, More, Ray, with, and Vivi.)

I would argue, however, that my love of boy bands stems from this particular boy band right here.

On a completely different note, here are the earrings I wore in my outfit post. I’ve had these for years and I don’t remember where I got them from. I love them a lot, though.

I have over 60 pairs of earrings! I’m addicted to jewelry, it’s bad. When I have a decent set up, I’ll definitely show you. For now it’s all kind of stuffed into one of those travel cases. I’m looking at these earring stands to fix it all up pretty soon.

Here is my current handbag. I’m bad with bags; I love them a lot, but I’m SO LAZY that I just take one that’s cute but spacious and able to be thrown around. It is rare that I actually coordinate with bags. :< But this one I've had for a year or so (I've switched it out, I'm not THAT bad) and it's in really good shape!

My Japanese notes from a class I took over the summer. My handwriting is terrible.

My Korean notes, also from a class I took over the summer. Mind you, I don’t remember much; I went into the class already literate, and I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learned. :( I’ve been debating retaking it. I really liked it.

My grumpy old man says hello.


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