self-esteem boost day

Hi everyone!

This is a quick one.
I went to a show opening for work (SOFA New York, it was nifty) and I wore my new harness from this fantastic Etsy shop, Velvet Mechanism.

Anyway, I got a ton of compliments on my outfit and hair (including one lady who called me a masterpiece, which is one of the best things ever said to me) so I’m throwing up a few outfit pictures for posterity.

My mom took them, which is why they’re not centered and you can’t see my feet, but you get all the important things. (The middle finger of her right hand is broken right now too, so I didn’t want to make her carry the camera for too long. ^^;)

The shirt I got for like $4 last year in Japan (I got three of the same shirt in three different colors because I LOVE IT), and the skirt is lolita brand Gouk.



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