nerds as far as the eye can see

So! I mentioned earlier how I really like J-pop, right? A band called Arashi in particular. My best friend Jennie also likes Arashi. We also like makeup, and as the five guys in Arashi each have their own color, we’ve talked about doing Arashi-themed makeup looks.

Today we spent five hours playing with makeup. (I’m showing them in order because after a certain point we just kind of go…off the rail.)

First Jennie heard my complaints about yellow not working on me, so she attacked me first. (Inglot is the answer!!) This is her Nino look.

This is my Sho look on Jennie. (Say hi! Isn’t she pretty?)

Jennie’s Ohno look.

My Aiba look on Jennie. The lip color is a mix of OCC Chlorophyll, Traffic, and Feathered, then blotted.

This is Jennie’s Jun look. To quote her, “This is Jun trying to be edgy and sophisticated by failing.” Then she put my hair up to be like one of his drama characters. We’re really, really nerdy about this band, okay? But my cheeks look fantastic.

This is my Ohno look. I told her I would make her up like a hippie child.

This is her Aiba look! Her explanation was, “Okay, if you tell him to do his makeup more than foundation, he would just not know what to do halfway through and do something like this.”

I don’t know when it switched from “themed” to “if they had to do their own makeup” but after this we ate dinner because we were clearly losing it.

My Nino look.

Jennie’s Sho look. I look so tired. (She drew the eyeliner, then laughed and said, “You look like an alien!” Thanks, Jennie.)

And finally, my Jun look.

I really like it so you get two shots of it.

We’re really shameless.

Then I went home and put on a face mask. My poor skin.


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