punk poser in the forest

Jennie and I went to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens on Sunday!

Jennie dressed appropriately, in adorable lolita.

I…did not. (Yes, I wore all black. To a garden. On a 70 degree day. I’m the smartest!)

It’s a really pretty place. We’re going back this weekend to put on a full lolita photoshoot, hopefully, complete with changes – are you ready for that? :)

Jennie’s good at posing.

I, however, fell off after this picture was taken.

Jennie: “You’re going to regret taking so many pictures of flowers.”

Jennie, I thought you knew me.

These remind me of a Japanese mythical creature, the shachihoko. It’s one of the symbols of Nagoya (there are giant gold ones on Nagoya castle, as in the link), and so I have a fierce love for them. :’)

Sometimes I’m cute.

Jennie’s still cuter.

I like this picture because I don’t actually know what the back of my head looks like. Good to know.

Detail pictures!!

Jennie’s jumperskirt, btw, is from a Metamorphose Lucky Pack. Isn’t it adorable?

Her rocking horses are technically lace-ups, but she removed the ribbons.

My other harness, by the way! Entirely different from the first! I love it.

As an apology for how ridiculously long this turned out to be, have a birdhouse.


One response to “punk poser in the forest

  1. You look super. cute, love your hair :)
    And love jennie’s shoes!


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