feels like a kiss on the cheek

First of all: is my new layout cute or what? Everyone, go to Melissa for all your web/graphic design work.

Second: Jennie, Arabelle, and I went back to the Gardens! Mainly because I really wanted a proper lolita photoshoot (Arabelle chose not to dress in lolita — also I invited her like, the night before, because I plan well) and because we’re fabulous and had two-three outfit and makeup changes.

I asked Jennie to plan the ~plot~ of the photoshoot, but because I didn’t do my job of planning poses or anything, it just sort of became a AND THEN WE DRESSED PRETTY.
Which, really, nothing wrong with that. (Thanks as always to Arabelle for taking these!)

Also, let’s just ignore my horrific eyebrows for now. Cool.

I am a ham.

And Jennie is sarcastic :(

Our first outfits!

I don’t have a good outfit picture of this one, but I’m wearing the same boots from here.

Her skirt is from Metamorphose.

And how cute are her tights?

Second outfit change! The jacket is Algonquins, the skirt Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The shirt is the same from the first outfit, which is from a Black Peace Now kodona set. (All second-hand aw yeah! In fact, I own very little lolita that isn’t used, since…that’s expensive.)

And Arabelle is fabulous as always.

Just look at the movement in the dress. And her Westwoods! Perfection.

Final outfit. My outfit is from Algonquins, again – I love them because you get a million pieces for a fairly affordable price. This dress I bought on clearance. :D

Jennie’s nails!!

Arabelle as a flower child.

I am having an unabashed love affair with Sugarpill. (And OCC Lip Tars – my lip color is a mix of two colors that I’ve totally forgotten.)

Two of my favorite people in the world. :)


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