the girl is so dangerous

So the other day, like I mentioned, was a Betsey Johnson liquidation sale. I’m really sad about that; I rarely buy designer clothing because I am broke as a mofo (like I said before, 99% of my lolita was second-hand/on clearance), but I’ve always admired Betsey’s stuff. It’s usually right up my alley – ridiculously femme but with an edge. I’m glad, though, that it’s not a full loss of her brand — it looks like her stuff will still be sold at high-end department stores.

I haven’t gotten to wear most of my stuff yet. This skirt I bought at the sale though.

The shirt has the album art from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album. I’m a huge fan; I bought this at the block party they held for his birthday at his childhood home in Gary the year he died.

Terrible picture of me, but the best picture of the ring I had. It’s the eye of a peacock feather.

I should really put lip color back on after I eat before pictures, huh. (The earrings were a gift from a friend who knows me too well.)

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting and liking my posts, by the way! I hope to have something more substantial than just my face up here soon. ♥


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