what an (organized) mess

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I’ve had an issue with clutter lately.

Gum Wall Window Ledge

Not clutter in general, but rather my own clutter. After coming back from college it was like my sheer piles of crap had multiplied – I had a mess that I cultivated at school, and the mess that I left behind. When I put it together, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been home since December, and I still haven’t figured out what to do with it all.


My shopping habits don’t help. I shop pretty frequently, though it’s not really in giant batches.


I can’t lie: I am a disorganized person. I live in an organized mess and I’m okay with that. I like stuff in piles and I like wearing multiple layers and I am the exact opposite of minimalism.

The biggest problem with my mess right now is that there is too much of the person I used to be and not enough of who I am now.

I need to get rid of dresses I bought when I was 15. I don’t care how cute they are, if they still have the tags on, they need to go. I’m sentimental, but I really don’t need the birthday card I got when I was 18 from a friend I no longer speak to.

I want my clutter to be the jewelry I bought last year in Tokyo, the dress I bought this weekend, the books I’m rereading now and not ten years ago.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I want to grow up, and being surrounded by so much unnecessary, unwanted stuff is stifling.


I’m a firm believer in safe spaces. All throughout college, I didn’t have a safe space. Home was always here; my dorm was just a place I slept in. My room should be safe for me, but instead it’s a place where I have to fight to fit.

minimalism in the alps

It’s time I take charge of my space and make it my own.


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