tinkering around

So I’m a makeup junkie in that I love playing with it and I love talking about it and reading about it and all that jazz, but I don’t actually have a lot of makeup because I am very cheap and poor. The only palette I’ve ever actually bought is my Sugarpill; both my Urban Decay palettes were gifts from Jennie, because she is an angel sent from heaven. I do have three Mac products (a pigment, a lipstick, and a blush — the blush a gift from Jennie) and an Inglot lip pencil and lipstick on top of my OCC lip tars but that is the most of my good quality makeup stash. Sigh.

However!! It’s not that I don’t buy makeup.

I bought this NYX palette the last time I went to Ulta because I am a sucker for glitter.

However, I don’t recommend it to anyone.

(Let’s pretend I can put lipstick on. …also how messy my eyeshadow is.)

It was really frustrating even getting the tiniest bit of glitter to stick to my brush, even after I had soaked it. It brushed on in clumps.

Unfortunately the only picture I have with my eyes open. Because this guy…

…got mad I wasn’t paying attention to him.

So! Leave ’em. Wasn’t worth the $6.


2 responses to “tinkering around

  1. My roommate has a palette like this and I just do not like it! It creases like crazy and goes on super patchy. I was do disappointed when I used it because the palette was so pretty!

  2. Those palettes are HORRIBLE…HORRIBLE I tell you. The are ton of really good makeup lines out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Check out Wet and Wild, they have really stepped up their game with their products.

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