zombie girl back from the dead

I know. I’m a deadbeat.
I hope you guys had a good summer! …and fall!

I could make a ton of excuses, but the honest to god reason I haven’t been updating is because the summer was super busy and also I’ve been too depressed most of the time to really care about…much of anything. I wish I were one of those people that get creative when their emotions are betraying them, but I just get tired.

Though once I went to hang out with Arabelle and took these pictures:

What can I say, I like rainbows.

There’s a lot going on lately, much of which isn’t very good, and I need to learn to focus my negativity into something more creative than lying on my bed and watching Japanese TV. I need to get used to making things like inspiration posts and mood boards and the like, because I’m a cynic that doesn’t actually believe things will get better, but maybe I can make them better.


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